About Expi


Expi is a smart young elephant who loves to travel and make new friends! Learn through Expi's eyes as she travels around the world....

About the Author

Nishita Bhayani

A mother of two children, Nishita Bhayani, was born in Kenya to Indian parents, and brought up in London. After graduating from university, Nishi found her calling in volunteer work at British schools and nurseries, presenting and reading to young students. Soon marriage and motherhood followed, and so did travel. As Nishi and her young family moved from Kenya to India, UK and finally Dubai; she built a diverse understanding of unique cultures, which she turned into stories and shared with her children and their friends. She has since done over 100 workshops in schools in Dubai, Sharjah and India.

About the Illustrator

Leilani Coughlan

Leilani is a Dubai-based Illustrator and lead graphic designer at Plug Communications. Outside of work Leilani pursues her love for illustration on a variety of freelance projects and has worked with a variety of international clients.